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How to reset your WordPress Site

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Wordpress

Reset Wordpress

What is resetting the WordPress site?

Resetting WordPress sites is meant to move your current site to the default state of WordPress. We will use the plugin “WP Reset – Most Advanced Reset Tool for WordPress” that cleans our WordPress site and makes it as before development.

Let’s begin the process.

See how our example site looks currently.

site-before reset wordpress site

Install and activate the Plugin WP Reset.

plugin wp reset Reset WordPress Site

Go to Tools  >>  WP Reset.

step setting Reset WordPress Site

Now on the WP Reset settings page, First we will take a snapshot of the current site So that we can restore it if we want. For that Go to the “Snapshot” tab.

plugin setting1 Reset WordPress Site

Click on “Create a new snapshot” and fill in the details.

taking snapshot

Here you can see the snapshot. You can reset the site now.

Snapshot saved

Now on the WP Reset settings page, Scroll down to the “Site Reset” section. Now type “reset” in the textbox and click the “Reset Site” button.

reset site Reset WordPress Site

Site started resetting now.

resetting site

Your site is reset now. Refresh your site and check. This will reset and move to the default “Twenty Twenty Two” theme. Now, You can recreate your website from scratch.

after resetting site

If you want to Restore your site. Just go the Tools >> WP Reset >> Snapshots. Scroll to the “User Created Snapshots”. Click on Actions >> Restore snapshot.

restore snapshot

Click on Restore Snapshot.

Click to restore

Your site is restored. Let’s refresh and check it again.

Site Restored


From this blog, We learn about how to reset your WordPress website and move it to WordPress’s default state. 

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